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"Baltic ambassadors say "NATO must be willing to 'pivot quickly' and invade our countries."

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Nato must be ready for Russia to ‘pivot quickly’ and invade our countries, Baltic ambassadors say

A View From My Porch: A Rhetorical Question on Scamming—Just How Dumb Do They Think We Are?

Stalin-like Putin could very quickly launch an invasion of the Baltics and bring a new war to Europe, warns ambassadors

Defense Ministry developing legislative definition for term ‘cyberwarfare’

Fighting for the enemy's will and the support of its own population: the Cyber Forces and Information Operations Group ...

Rank-and-file forum to discuss Australian Labor government’s pro-business and war restructuring of universities

Ben Morgan’s Pacific Update – A simple explanation of this week’s military and political developments in the Pacific

DARPA Gets Serious About Trustworthy AI for the Battlefield (and Beyond)

U.S. Fleet Cyber Commander Visits CIWT

U.S. Marine Corps Boosts Cyber Defense in Face of China Threat

Guards Brigade Organises Drone Training for Its Personnel

Korea University and Agency for Defense Development Forge Business Agreement for Advancement in Defense Science, ...

Unraveling the Layers of Internet Fragmentation: A Deeper Dive Into Global Connectivity

When Russian cyber operations targeted the West

White hat hackers unite under SEAL911 to combat crypto hacks

Britain is too terrified of its enemies to defend itself

Gloom in Ukraine

Don’t buy West’s hypocrisy over Chinese cyber-spying

Russia Mounting Cyber Attacks on Ukraine and the West


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