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"England soccer fans warned of potential terror attack at Euro 2024."

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Daily update · March 31, 2024


Daily Express

Diplomats from three countries part of NATO's eastern flank have raised alarm bells and urged Western Europe not to undermine Russia. Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia echoed warnings already being issued by other countries about the Kremlin's …

Cyber Security News

This weekly cybersecurity news recap keeps you informed about the latest threats, exposures, mitigation techniques, and emerging malicious tactics that could compromise systems.  Staying updated allows implementing preventive measures proactively rather …


The world was stunned when ISIS-K agents massacred Russian citizens in Moscow, murdering 143 people after attacking a concert hall in the capital city and that has resonated through Europe to Germany, the host of the 2024 European Championship, who have …

Daijiworld News

New Delhi, March 31 (IANS): The security of a democratic state includes the security of its citizens and today both are contingent on the wider security of the world at large. Similarly, at the level of an organisation its well-being is linked to the …


The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is currently developing a legislative definition for the term “cyberwarfare”. The implementation of this step at the legislative level is important in countering cyber threats. According to Ukrinform, this issue was …

Sunday Guardian Live

The over-reliance on technology has inadvertently provided the terrorists with opportunities to manipulate information, blurring the line between actionable intelligence and misinformation. The recent appalling terrorist attacks in Russia, claiming the …

The Telegraph

The ambassadors said that the “torments” currently being experienced by Ukraine in the form of “deportation, torture, kidnap of children” and “cultural erasure” awakened their countries’ “own darkest memories and fears” - an apparent reference to the …

The U.S. Sun

VLADIMIR Putin could quickly launch an invasion of the Baltics and bring a new war to Europe, ambassadors have warned. Top diplomats to the UK from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania fear the Joseph Stalin-like dictator could “pivot quickly” from Ukraine to …

Lyme Line - Connecticut

A Disclaimer: Despite the title, this “View is not about politics. Rather, I am responding to the report from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that, “Nationwide, cases of consumer fraud are skyrocketing;” and review the magnitude of the problem. I also …


Information and cyber forces are capable of operating in the full spectrum of operations, and are designed primarily to conduct information and psychological operations, civil-military cooperation, and combat in cyberspace. Let's take a closer look at  …


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