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"We pick the best personal data removal services."

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We Pick the Best Personal Data Removal Services

As you enter personal information around the web, data aggregators gather it up and sell it. We tell you how to protect your privacy with the top personal data removal services we've tested.

Hack of Insurance Provider Prevents Pharmacies From Filling Prescriptions

The breach, which UnitedHealth Group blames on nation-state attackers, takes down Change Healthcare, which manages a payment platform for pharmacies and hospitals.

iOS 17.3 Update Fixed Shortcuts Bug That Sent Data to Attackers

The malicious Shortcuts used the 'Expand URL' function to bypass Apple's safeguards, making it possible for third parties to transmit data to malicious websites.

Apple Ramps Up iMessage Security to Fight Looming Quantum Computing Threat

Apple is launching its latest iMessage security protocol, PQ3, with its next OS updates for all Apple products that use the end-to-end encrypted messaging app.

Bitwarden Gets a Rare 5-Star Rating

Bitwarden is simply the best app we've tested for free password management, while the paid version adds extra security and storage options at a low price.

More Privacy: Signal Messaging App Finally Offers Usernames

You'll no longer need to expose your phone number to connect with others on Signal.

How to Send an Anonymous Email

Need to send a message without revealing your identity? We've got you covered. These are the best anonymous email tools you'll find on the web.

OpenAI Alleges New York Times 'Hacked' ChatGPT by Exploiting Bug

OpenAI says evidence provided by the New York Times in its copyright infringement lawsuit was produced via 'contrived attacks' and argues that the case should be dismissed.

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