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"MOVEit hackers pivot to SysAid Zero-Day in ransomware attacks."

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Russ Roberts (https://www.hawaiicybersecurityjournal.net).

MOVEit Hackers Pivot to SysAid Zero-Day in Ransomware Attacks
The Cl0p ransomware group is actively exploiting a SysAid zero-day flaw after running rampant through enterprise systems using MOVEit file transfer bug.
'BlazeStealer' Python Malware Allows Complete Takeover of Developer Machines
Checkmarx researchers warn that BlazeStealer can exfiltrate information, steal passwords, disable PCs, and take over webcams.
What We Can Learn From Major Cloud Cyberattacks
Analysis of six major cloud incidents shows how some common mistakes can lead to serious consequences.
Worldwide Hacktivists Take Sides Over Gaza, With Little to Show for It
Keyboard warriors are claiming to contribute to the Gaza war with OT attacks. You should be skeptical.
Sandworm Cyberattackers Down Ukrainian Power Grid During Missile Strikes
A premier Russian APT used living-off-the-land techniques in a major OT hit, raising tough questions about whether or not we can defend against the attack vector.
Treasury Markets Disrupted by ICBC Ransomware Attack
The US Treasury states that it is in contact with financial regulators as it monitors the breach.
There's Only One Way to Solve the Cybersecurity Skills Gap
The cybersecurity skills gap is making businesses more vulnerable, but it won't be fixed by upskilling high-potential recruits alone.
How to Outsmart Malware Attacks That Can Fool Antivirus Protection
One of the main challenges for Android users is protecting themselves malicious applications that can damage devices or perform other harmful actions.
(Sponsored Article) Securing Modern Enterprises in a Borderless Landscape
CISOs offer recommendations to help secure identities, data, code, and cloud infrastructure and protect against evolving threats and vulnerabilities.
MGM and Caesars Attacks Highlight Social Engineering Risks
Relying on passwords to secure user accounts is a gamble that never pays off.

North Korea's BlueNoroff APT Debuts 'Dumbed Down' macOS Malware
Kim Jong-Un's hackers are scraping the bottom of the barrel, using script kiddie-grade malware to steal devalued digital assets.

Crafting an AI Policy That Safeguards Data Without Stifling Productivity
Companies must recognize AI's utility, while setting clear boundaries to curtail unsafe utilization.

Ransomware Mastermind Uncovered After Oversharing on Dark Web
Meet "farnetwork," one of the most prolific RaaS operators around, who spilled too many details during an affiliate "job interview."

When Good Security Awareness Programs Go Wrong
Avoid making these mistakes when crafting a security awareness strategy at your organization.

First Wave of Vulnerability-Fixing AIs Available for Developers
GitHub joins a handful of startups and established firms in the market, but all the products are essentially "caveat developer" — let the developer beware.

Imperial Kitten APT Claws at Israeli Industry with Multiyear Spy Effort
The Iran-linked group uses redirected websites to compromise victims and exfiltrate data in a campaign that has lasted over 2022 and 2023.
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