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"Microsoft offers up to $15,000 in New AI Bug Bounty Program."

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SecurityWeek News Briefing | Friday, October 13, 2023

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Trending Stories for Friday

  1. ‘HTTP/2 Rapid Reset’ Zero-Day Exploited to Launch Largest DDoS Attacks in History
  2. CISA Warns of Attacks Exploiting Adobe Acrobat Vulnerability 
  3. Hackers Join In on Israel-Hamas War With Disruptive Cyberattacks 
  4. Patches Prepared for ‘Probably Worst’ cURL Vulnerability
  5. Chrome 118 Patches 20 Vulnerabilities

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SecurityWeek Expert Insights

Addressing the People Problem in Cybersecurity - Addressing the people problem with effective approaches and tools for users and security practitioners will enable us to work smarter, and force attackers into a position where they must work harder. (Marc Solomon)

Network, Meet Cloud; Cloud, Meet Network - The widely believed notion that the network and the cloud are two different and distinct entities is not true. (Matt Wilson)

Moving From Qualitative to Quantitative Cyber Risk Modeling - Migrating to a quantitative cyber risk model of analysis allows for more accurate data, which leads to more informed decision-making. (Fawaz Rasheed)

Every Network Is Now an OT Network. Can Your Security Keep Up? - Many previously isolated OT networks, like manufacturing, processing, distribution, and inventory management, have now been woven into larger IT networks. (John Maddison)

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