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"Predator spyware delivered to iOS and Android devices...."

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SecurityWeek News Briefing | Monday, September 25, 2023

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The Offensive Security Blueprint for Financial Services
Offensive Security Blueprint

The Offensive Security Blueprint for Financial Services

Bishop Fox's report on financial services reveals key offensive security trends, based on joint research with the Ponemon Institute.

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SecurityWeek Expert Insights

Every Network Is Now an OT Network. Can Your Security Keep Up? - Many previously isolated OT networks, like manufacturing, processing, distribution, and inventory management, have now been woven into larger IT networks. (John Maddison)

Navigating the Digital Frontier in Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2023 ZTNA stands out as a solution that enables organizations to minimize their attack surface while ensuring the productivity and security of their remote workforce. (Torsten George)

A One-Two Punch for Security ROI Cost avoidance is a powerful way to kick-off ROI discussions. However, to quickly move beyond objections, shifting to a more tangible approach to calculate ROI can help. (Marc Solomon)

Finding Your Way in Cloud Security - The next time you see CNAPP, CASB, WAAS, CSPM or many of the other phrases, it will be helpful to take a deep breath and realize enterprise security has never been a binary one or zero. (Matt Honea)

How Quantum Computing Will Impact Cybersecurity - While quantum-based attacks are still in the future, organizations must think about how to defend data in transit when encryption no longer works. (Marie Hattar)

The Offensive Security Blueprint for Financial Services

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