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"Amid MGM, Caesars incidents, attackers focus on luxury hotels."

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Russ Roberts (https://www.hawaiicybersecurityjournal.net).

Amid MGM, Caesars Incidents, Attackers Focus on Luxury Hotels
A fast-growing cyber campaign solely takes aim at luxury hotel and resort chains, using security-disruptive tactics to spread info-stealing malware.
Researchers Uncover RaaS Affiliate Distributing Multiple Ransomware Strains
Ransomware-as-a-service affiliate ShadowSyndicate is unusual for the size of its malicious infrastructure and the fact that it's distributing seven different ransomware strains.
Suspicious New Ransomware Group Claims Sony Hack
A deceitful threat actor claims its biggest haul yet. But what, if any, Sony data does it actually have?
Proactive Security: What It Means for Enterprise Security Strategy
Proactive Security holds the elusive promise of helping enterprises finally get ahead of threats, but CISOs must come to grips with the technological and philosophical change that it brings.
4 Pillars for Building a Responsible Cybersecurity Disclosure Program
Responsible disclosure must strike a balance between the immediate need to protect users and the broader security implications for the entire community.
Chad Taps Huawei for Digital Modernization Project
Fiber optic networks and better connectivity for Chad's users are part of the ICT modernization project with the Chinese networking giant.
(Sponsored Article) How to Interpret the 2023 MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation Results
Unpack MITRE's methodology, understand the results, and learn top takeaways from Cynet's evaluation of MITRE's annual security vendor tests.
Akira Ransomware Mutates to Target Linux Systems
The newly emerged ransomware actively targets both Windows and Linux systems with a double-extortion approach.

Xenomorph Android Malware Targets Customers of 30 US Banks
The Trojan had mainly been infecting banks in Europe since it first surfaced more than one year ago.

Changing Role of the CISO: A Holistic Approach Drives the Future
The CISO's role has grown far beyond supervising Patch Tuesday to focus on prevention and response and to cover people, processes, and technology.

The Hot Seat: CISO Accountability in a New Era of SEC Regulation
Updated cybersecurity regulations herald a new era of transparency and accountability in the face of escalating industry vulnerabilities.

MOVEit Flaw Leads to 900 University Data Breaches
National Student Clearinghouse, a nonprofit serving thousands of universities with enrollment services, exposes more than 900 schools within its MOVEit environment.

Do CISOs Have to Report Security Flaws to the SEC?
The new SEC rules make it seem that there is no need to report the presence of security vulnerabilities, but that doesn't quite tell the full story.

HD Moore's Discovery Journey
Metasploit creator's shift into enterprise asset discovery and passive scanning with startup runZero is a natural evolution of his exploratory cyber career.

UAE-Linked 'Stealth Falcon' APT Mimics Microsoft in Homoglyph Attack
The cyberattackers are using the "Deadglyph" custom spyware, whose full capabilities have not yet been uncovered.
  • Using AI in Application Security Tooling

    As AI continues to improve, security vendors are considering how they can use AI to protect applications. In web application and API security tooling used to protect production environments, AI/ML can be used to enhance and complement existing tactics ...

  • Tips for A Streamlined Transition to Zero Trust

    From identifying the potential attack surface to determining policy, there is a clear path to zero trust and best practices to make the transition as smooth as possible - both for your organization and your customers. Zero trust is more ...

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