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Top story:  "China propaganda spreads via U.S. news sites."

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 July 25, 2023
China Propaganda Spreads via US News Sites, Freelancers, Times Square
A widespread disinformation campaign aimed at Americans wasn't that effective, but it was certainly creative, even slipping in influence articles to legitimate news outlets like AZCentral.com.
KillNet's Kremlin Connection Unclear as the Cybercrime Collective Grows
KillNet is amassing members, capabilities, and know-how, as it looks to consolidate cybercrime power under its own umbrella.
North Korean Cyberspies Target GitHub Developers
The North Korean APT is setting up legitimate accounts on GitHub and social media platforms to pose as developers or recruiters — ultimately to fool targets into loading npm repositories with malicious code.
Orgs Face Record $4.5M Per Data Breach Incident
Cl0p stands to make $100M on the MOVEit campaign, and according to a just-released survey, more than half of businesses are willing to pass data breach costs onto customers.
Atlassian RCE Bugs Plague Confluence, Bamboo
The security vulnerabilities allow full takeover of Atlassian instances, so admins should patch now.
Designing a Security Strategy for Defending Multicloud Architectures
Complex security issues arise when different clouds and computing models interact.
(Sponsored Article) Why Hybrid Work Has Made Secure Access So Complicated
Employees now have the freedom to work wherever they want, which brings new challenges for security teams trying to protect data.
Banks in Attackers' Crosshairs, via Open Source Software Supply Chain
In separate targeted incidents, threat actors tried to upload malware into the Node Package Manager registry to gain access and steal credentials.

Linux Ransomware Poses Significant Threat to Critical Infrastructure
Organizations running Linux distributions need to prepare to defend their systems against ransomware attacks. Steps to ensure resiliency and basics such as access control reduce major disruptions.

Rootkit Attack Detections Increase at UAE Businesses
Detections of rootkit attacks against businesses in the United Arab Emirates are up 167% in 2023, with an increased view of their use in the Middle East overall.

The Dark Side of AI
Sophisticated fraudsters are exploiting ChatGPT and CAPTCHAs to evade enterprise security defenses.

Microsoft 365 Breach Risk Widens to Millions of Azure AD Apps
China-linked APT actors could have single-hop access to the gamut of Microsoft cloud services and apps, including SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive, among many others.

Are AI-Engineered Threats FUD or Reality?
The rise of generative AI is creating new ways to both attack and defend assets. Which threats are solid and which are vapor?

How Hackers Can Hijack a Satellite
We rely on them for communications, military activity, and everyday tasks. How long before attackers really start to look up at the stars?

Saudi Arabia's Tuwaiq Academy Opens Cybersecurity Bootcamp
Registration has opened for the cybersecurity specialty track at Tuwaiq Academy, where students will learn a variety of related skills.
  • Best Practices and Tools for OT and IT Security

    For years, information technology and operations technology systems have existed in parallel, but that is no longer the case. As the attack against Colonial Pipeline illustrated, attacks against IT can potentially impact OT, and vice versa. OT environments have their ...

  • Finding a Backup Strategy That Works For You

    You've been hit with a ransomware, DDoS, natural disaster, or destructive cyberattack. One of the first questions: can we get our data back? Good back-ups are key to business continuity and disaster recovery, but backing up your data in preparation ...

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