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"Anasta Banking Trojan gets new capabilities, 3rd party risk, cyberattack hits Canadian gas stations."

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Daily Briefing

June 27, 2023.

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At a glance.

  • Anatsa Trojan's new capabilities.
  • Airlines report employee data stolen in a third-party breach.
  • Canadian energy company SUNCOR reports a cyberattack.
  • What of the Internet Research Agency?
  • Microsoft warns of a rising threat to infrastructure.
  • DDoS grows more sophisticated.

Anatsa Trojan's new capabilities.

The Android banking Trojan Anatsa has expanded its targeting to new banks in the US, the UK, and Germany, according to researchers at ThreatFabric. Anatsa is delivered via malicious apps in the Google Play Store, and it’s been downloaded more than 30,000 times during the present, ongoing campaign. “Once the device is infected, Anatsa is able to collect sensitive information (credentials, credit card details, balance, and payment information) via overlay attacks and keylogging,” ThreatFabric says. “This information will be later used by the criminals to perform fraud. Anatsa provides them with the capability to perform Device-Takeover Fraud (DTO), which then leads to performing actions (transactions) on the victim’s behalf. Since transactions are initiated from the same device that targeted bank customers regularly use, it has been reported that is very challenging for banking anti-fraud systems to detect it.”

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Airlines report employee data stolen in a third-party breach.

A month and a half after learning of a data breach involving their employees, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines have determined that the incident originated with a third-party vendor, Pilot Credentials, which both companies used. In a statement sent to employees, American Airlines explained that they had learned about an incident that occurred on May 3rd, 2023, and subsequently launched an investigation. “According to the third-party vendor (pilotcredintials[.]com), an unauthorized actor accessed the third-party vendor’s systems on or around April 30, 2023 and obtained certain files provided by some pilot and cadet applicants during our hiring process,” the airline wrote. The airline further explained that names, social security numbers, driver license numbers, passport numbers, dates of birth, Airman Certificate numbers, and other government-issued IDs were potentially taken. It’s offering two years of IdentityWorks’ identity-monitoring service to all who were affected. BleepingComputer writes that 5,745 personnel were affected by the breach. 

Southwest issued a similar disclosure. On June 23rd the office of Maine’s Attorney General released a data breach notification for residents affected by the Southwest Airlines breach that put the tally of people affected at 3,009. Southwest is offering a two-year Equifax credit-monitoring program to affected individuals.

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Canadian energy company SUNCOR reports a cyberattack.

Sunday, June 25th, the Canadian energy company SUNCOR disclosed that it was the victim of a cyber attack. “Suncor (TSX: SU) (NYSE: SU) has experienced a cyber security incident. The company is taking measures and working with third-party experts to investigate and resolve the situation, and has notified appropriate authorities.” The company hadn’t found any evidence that data regarding customers, suppliers, or employees were affected. Bleeping Computer reports that the company, on Monday, warned users that they might be unable to log into their accounts, and that there was an ongoing issue with customers’ ability to accrue rewards points. As of last Friday, many customers were tweeting that “it is currently impossible to pay with credit/debit cards at Petro-Canada stations, leaving cash as the only option.” The company’s car-wash season passes also seem to have been affected. Reuters sought more information from the authorities, but there was little on offer: “The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security had earlier said it was aware of reports of an incident affecting Petro-Canada but said it did not generally comment on ‘specific cybersecurity incidents.’“

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What of the Internet Research Agency?

The Wagner Group isn't the only private enterprise that furnishes deniable support to Russian policy, POLITICO reminds its readers. There's also Mr. Prigozhin's Internet Research Agency, the notorious St. Petersburg troll farm that drew widespread attention for retailing disinformation aimed at influencing elections in the US and elsewhere. How it will fare in the aftermath of its corporate sister's mutiny remains unclear. "The Russian oligarch’s empire reaches far beyond a paramilitary mercenary group to also include “troll factories” used to spread Russian propaganda," POLITICO writes. "Prigozhin has claimed on Telegram to have founded the U.S.-sanctioned Internet Research Agency, and on another occasion said he has interfered in U.S. presidential elections through the spread of disinformation." In any case, the mutiny's sequelae can be expected to include heavy influence operations, directed for the most part at Russian opinion.

The Intercept offers a brief history of Mr. Prigozhin's experience in this regard. Much of his organizations' activity shades into marketing, particularly in the African countries where his forces remain active. Lawfare yesterday blogged an assessment of how effective the Internet Research Agency has actually been. The group's influence has been easy to overestimate, but it can't be written off, either. The troll farm remains in business.

Microsoft warns of a rising threat to infrastructure.

Yesterday Microsoft offered an appreciation of Russia's likely courses of action in the cyber phase of its war against Ukraine. "This what we are experiencing now has become a hybrid war – both a kinetic and digital. The recent and ongoing cyberattacks have been precisely targeted, with the aim to bring down Ukraine’s economy and government. Microsoft Digital Defense Report showed that the number of cyberattacks targeting critical infrastructure had grown significantly. The level of sophistication of cyberattacks is permanently evolving." The continuing convergence of IT and OT networks represents an increasing risk, especially given the relative "fragmentation" and impoverished security of operational technology. "Microsoft identified unpatched, high-severity vulnerabilities in 75% of the most common industrial controllers in customer Operational Technology (OT) networks." The company's report concludes with a set of recommendations that provide organizations with an eight-step approach to improving infrastructure security.

"The equivalent of a cave man with a club" (but getting more dangerous).

One of the experts cited by the Washington Post in a story on the growing sophistication of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, made the Alley-Oop comparison, and indeed DDoS has for some time been both a commodified nuisance and one of the defining features of Russia's cyber campaign against countries sympathetic to Ukraine. “In the world of cybersecurity threats, it’s sort of the equivalent of a cave man with a club,” Cloudflare CEO and co-founder Matthew Prince told the Post. “It’s not particularly sophisticated, but can obviously do a lot of damage. … What we have seen is that the clubs continue to get bigger, and the cave men have gone from knocking down your website, which is embarrassing but may not be all that harmful, to now going after what can be much more critical.” Attacks against the Domain Name System (DNS attacks) and layer 7 attacks (which hit the application layer of a network). The newly emergent sophistication isn't confined to Russia's cyber auxiliaries, but it can be expected to manifest itself in that quarter.

The CyberWire's continuing coverage of Russia's war against Ukraine, with special attention to the cyber phases of that war, may be found here.



Today's issue includes events affecting Australia, Belarus, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


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