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"Ransomware attacks pose communications dilemmas for local government."

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22 JUNE, 2023

Ransomware attacks pose communications dilemmas for local governments

Experts say it's crucial that local governments communicate with the public following a ransomware attack but must walk a fine line between sharing too little and too much information.

Image: Why assessing third parties for security risk is still an unsolved problem

Why assessing third parties for security risk is still an unsolved problem

A recent ranking of the most cyber-secure companies reveals weaknesses in current third-party risk management practices.

Security budget hikes are missing the mark, CISOs say

Knee-jerk security budget reactions and impractical expectations are hampering the ability of CISOs to make business-critical security investments.

Trend Micro adds generative AI to Vision One for enhanced XDR

New generative artificial intelligence tool Companion is designed to amplify security operations, improve accessibility and efficiency, and quicken threat hunting speeds for analysts.

Team Cymru launches threat-hunting tool aims to fast-forward analysis

The new scouting tool for threat hunting and malicious infrastructure analysis promises to level up users’ security operation centers.

8 notable entry-level cybersecurity career and skills initiatives in 2023

Businesses must get better at attracting, supporting, and hiring new cybersecurity talent. Here are eight initiatives launched this year to facilitate entry-level skills development and career opportunities.

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