"EV charging Infrastructure offers an Electric Cyberattack opportunity."

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EV Charging Infrastructure Offers an Electric Cyberattack Opportunity

Attackers have already targeted electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, and experts are calling for cybersecurity standards to protect this necessary component of the electrified future.

Indigo Books Refuses LockBit Ransomware Demand

Canada's largest bookseller rejected the pressure of the ransomware gang's countdown timer, despite data threats.

Polish Politician's Phone Patrolled by Pegasus

A mayor backing Polish opposition elections in parliament has been targeted by special services with Pegasus spyware.

Chick-fil-A Customers Have a Bone to Pick After Account Takeovers

A two-month-long automated credential-stuffing campaign exposed personal information of Chick-fil-A customers, including birthdays, phone numbers, and membership details.

CISA, MITRE Look to Take ATT&CK Framework Out of the Weeds

The Decider tool is designed to make the ATT&CK framework more accessible and usable for security analysts of every level, with an intuitive interface and simplified language.

Biden's Cybersecurity Strategy Calls for Software Liability, Tighter Critical Infrastructure Security

The new White House plan outlines proposed minimum security requirements in critical infrastructure — and for shifting liability for software products to vendors.

BlackLotus Bookit Found Targeting Windows 11

Sold for around $5,000 in hacking forums, the BlackLotus UEFI bootkit is capable of targeting even updated systems, researchers find.

What GoDaddy's Years-Long Breach Means for Millions of Clients

The same "sophisticated" threat actor has pummeled the domain host on an ongoing basis since 2020, making off with customer logins, source code, and more. Here's what to do.


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