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Apple adds lockdown mode to thwart .Gov Mercenary spyware.

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Wednesday, July 06, 2022, 2022

Crytica Dwell Time

The Dwell Time Revolution Begins Now

You can dramatically reduce APT, Zero-Day, and Malware Infection “dwell time” from 180 Days to less than 180 Seconds with Crytica Security’s new Zero-Day Detection™ capabilities.

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Is an Infrastructure War on the Horizon?
The adoption of IoT technology used to connect SCADA systems to the internet either directly or indirectly dramatically increases the risk of a successful exploit.
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 by Gordon Lawson

RSAC22 and Infosecurity Europe, Three Weeks, Two Events
It was great to be back in-person at security events, and I enjoyed meeting with people and discussing our solutions face-to-face.
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 by Laurence Pitt

Cyber-Physical Security: Benchmarking to Advance Your Journey
Over the last few years, the pandemic and work from home paradigm shift have accelerated the convergence of IT and OT networks and necessitated a consolidated strategy to address cyber risks across cyber-physical systems (CPS).
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 by Galina Antova

Security Orchestration: Beware of the Hidden Financial Costs
Security orchestration is about getting multiple systems in the Security Operations Center (SOC) to work together so you can detect, remediate and respond across the infrastructure.
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 by Marc Solomon

Hybrid Networks Require an Integrated On-prem and Cloud Security Strategy
Digital acceleration, user demand, and shifting business strategies add new edges to the network, making it increasingly difficult to manage and even harder to secure.
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 by John Maddison

Crytica Dwell Time

The Dwell Time Revolution Begins Now

You can dramatically reduce APT, Zero-Day, and Malware Infection “dwell time” from 180 Days to less than 180 Seconds with Crytica Security’s new Zero-Day Detection™ capabilities.

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Crytica Dwell Time

Apple Adds 'Lockdown Mode' to Thwart .Gov Mercenary Spyware: Apple unveiled a new ‘Lockdown Mode’ to iOS that significantly reduces attack surface and adds technical roadblocks to limit sophisticated software exploits. Read More

Bias in Artificial Intelligence: Can AI be Trusted?: AI in cybersecurity has value, but there is a growing concern over faulty algorithms, hidden bias, false positives, abuse of privacy, and potential for abuse by criminals, law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Read More

Researchers Flag 'Significant Escalation' in Software Supply Chain Attacks: Researchers at ReversingLabs and Checkmarx release separate warnings about software supply chain attacks targeting the open source NPM ecosystem. Read More

DoD Launches 'Hack US' Bounties for Major Flaws in Publicly Exposed Assets: The U.S. Department of Defense launches a limited bug bounty program to reward high- and critical-severity vulnerabilities in its publicly accessible information systems. Read More

Security Automation Firm Swimlane Closes $70 Million Funding Round: Swimlane banks $70 million in a growth funding round led by Activate Capital, bringing the total raised to $170 million. Read More

Evasive Rust-Coded Hive Ransomware Variant Emerges: Researchers find a new, highly evasive variant of the Hive ransomware written in Rust and supporting command-line parameters. Read More

NIST Announces Post Quantum Encryption Competition Winners: NIST has announced the first group of four encryption tools designed to tackle the looming threat of quantum computer crypto cracking capabilities. Read More

Alleged Chinese Police Database Hack Leaks Data of 1 Billion: Hackers claim to have obtained a trove of data on 1 billion Chinese from a Shanghai police database in a leak that, if confirmed, could be one of the largest data breaches in history. Read More

US Senators Call for Close Look at TikTok: Leaders of the US Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday called for an investigation into whether Chinese officials are getting access to data about US users of video-snippet sharing sensation TikTok. Read More

Data Breach at PFC USA Impacts Patients of 650 Healthcare Providers: Accounts receivable management firm Professional Finance Company has started notifying individuals of a February 2022 ransomware attack that impacted their personal and health information. Read More

UK Military Investigates Hacks on Army Social Media Accounts: British military authorities are trying to find out who hacked the army’s social media accounts over the weekend, flooding them with cryptocurrency videos and posts related to collectible electronic art. Read More

Hacker Claims Major Chinese Citizens' Data Theft: A hacker claiming to have stolen personal data from hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens is now selling the information online. Read More

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