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"New North Korea threat actor engaging in espionage, revenue generated attacks."

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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

How do you secure unmanaged devices and apps?


How do You Secure Unmanaged Devices and Apps?

Secure every sign-in for every app on every device from one place with 1PasswordⓇ Extended Access Management (XAM).

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How do you secure unmanaged devices and apps?

SecurityWeek Expert Insights

Social Distortion: The Threat of Fear, Uncertainty and Deception in Creating Security Risk - A look int the traditional pillars of security community culture and how they are being weakened and compromised, and even peek at where this all could go in a world of deepfakes and AI-fueled bias and hallucination. (Tom Eston)

Start-Ups: 10 Tips for Navigating the Headwinds Against High-Growth - These strategies can help cybersecurity startups navigate the current market dynamics, focusing on modern buyer behavior, updated KPIs, brand awareness, and effective sales and marketing alignment. (Jennifer Leggio)

Legacy of Wisdom: Security Lessons Inspired by My Father - Honoring my father by translating his timeless life lessons into practical wisdom for the cybersecurity profession. (Joshua Goldfarb)

Hacker Conversations: Ron Reiter, and the Making of a Professional Hacker

Hacker Conversations

Ron Reiter was a childhood hacker in Israel. He was recruited into the IDF’s elite Unit 8200 for his military service. Now he is CTO and co-founder of cybersecurity firm Sentra.

How do you secure unmanaged devices and apps?

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SecurityWeek Briefing.

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SecurityWeek Briefing.