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"Last Pass employee targeted with deepfake calls."

Views expressed in this cybersecurity, cyber crime update are those of the reporters and correspondents.  Accessed on 12 April 2024, 2022 UTC.

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Friday, April 12, 2024


CISO Forum at Half Moon Bay

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The CISO Forum® is a community-fueled organization designed to foster discussion and facilitate knowledge exchange between enterprise cybersecurity leaders.

June 25-26, 2024

Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay

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SecurityWeek Expert Insights

Why Intelligence Sharing Is Vital to Building a Robust Collective Cyber Defense Program - With automated, detailed, contextualized threat intelligence, organizations can better anticipate malicious activity and utilize intelligence to speed detection around proven attacks. (Marc Solomon)

Know Your Audience When Speaking to Security Practitioners How can security practitioners make sense of the vendor landscape and separate those who talk a good game from those who can execute, perform, and solve real problems for enterprises? (Joshua Goldfarb)

Cybersecurity Mesh: Overcoming Data Security Overload A significant cybersecurity challenge arises from managing the immense volume of data generated by numerous IT security tools, leading organizations into a reactive rather than proactive approach. (Torsten George)

The OODA Loop: The Military Model That Speeds Up Cybersecurity Response - The OODA Loop can be used both by defenders and incident responders for a variety of use cases such as threat assessment, threat monitoring, and threat hunting. (Etay Maor)

AI Risk Summit | Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay

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SecurityWeek Briefing.

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SecurityWeek Briefing.