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"Volt Typhoon's stealthy threat to US critical infrastructure."

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Ep 2000 | 2.8.24

Volt Typhoon’s stealthy threat to US critical infrastructure.

A joint advisory warns of Volt Typhoon’s extended network infiltration. Check your Cisco devices for patches. Fortinet clarifies its latest vulnerabilities. Internet outages plague Pakistan on election day. Kaspersky describes the new Coyote banking trojan. Cyber insurance is projected to reach new heights. The White House appoints a leader for the AI Safety Institute, and sees pushback on proposed reporting regulations. Can we hold AI liable for its foreseeable harms? Joe Carrigan joins us with insights on the Mother of All Data Breaches. The potential of Passkeys versus the comfort of passwords.

Ep 1999 | 2.7.24

Taking a bite out of Apple.

A security researcher has been charged in an alleged multi-million dollar theft scheme targeting Apple. A House committee hearing explores OT security. Fortinet withdraws accidental CVEs. 2023 saw record highs in ransomware payments. A youtuber finds a cheap and easy bypass for Bitlocker encryption. Political pressure proves challenging for the JCDC. New Hampshire tracks down those fake Biden robocalls. European security agencies bolster warnings about Ivanti devices. HHS fines a New York medical center millions over an identity theft ring. On our sponsored Industry Voices segment, Navneet Singh, Vice President of Marketing Network Security at Palo Alto Networks, shares some practical examples of healthcare organizations transitioning to the cloud. Giving that toothbrush story the brushoff.

Ep 1998 | 2.6.24

Cracking down on spyware.

The global community confronts spyware. Canon patches critical vulnerabilities in printers. Barracuda recommends mitigations for Web Application Firewall issues. Group-IB warns of ResumeLooters. Millions are at risk after a data breach in France. Research from the UK reveals contradictory approaches to cybersecurity. Meta’s Oversight Board recommends updates to Facebook’s Manipulated Media policy. We’ve got a special segment from the Threat Vector podcast examining Ivanti's Connect Secure and Policy Secure products. And it’s time to brush up on IOT security.

Ep 1997 | 2.5.24

A serious breach showdown.

Anydesk confirms a serious breach. Clorox and Johnson Controls file cyber incidents with the SEC. There’s already a potential Apple Vision Pro kernel exploit. A $25 million deepfake scam. Akamai research hops on the FritzFrog botnet. The US sanctions Iranians for attacks on American water plants. Commando Cat targets Docker API endpoints. Pennsylvania courts fall victim to a DDoS attack. A new leader takes the reins at US Cyber Command and the NSA. Our guest is Dr. Heather Monthie from N2K Networks, with insights on the White House's recent easing of education requirements for federal contract jobs. And remembering one of the great cryptology communicators.

Ep 1996 | 2.2.24

A digital leaker gets 40 years behind bars.

Former CIA leaker sentenced to 40 years. Interpol arrests suspected cybercriminals and takes down servers. Cloudflare discloses a Thanksgiving Day data breach. The FBI removes malware from outdated routers. President Biden plans to veto a Republican-led bill overturning cyber disclosure rules. Attackers target poorly managed Linux systems. Infected USB devices take advantage of popular websites for malware distribution. Blackbaud faces a data deletion mandate from the FTC. Our guest is Adam Marré, CISO of Arctic Wolf, to kick off our continuing discussion of 2024 election security. A cybersecurity incident in Georgia leads to a murder suspect on the run.

Ep 1995 | 2.1.24

Defending America against China's ominous onslaught.

Directors Wray and Easterly warn congress of threats from Chinese hackers. Myanmar authorities extradite pig butchering suspects. Automation remains a challenge. Snyk Security Labs plugs holes in “Leaky Vessels.” Pegasus spyware targets human rights groups in Jordan. Subtle-paws scratch at Ukrainian military personnel. White Phoenix brings your ransomed files back from the ashes. In today’s Threat Vector, host David Moulton, Director of Thought Leadership at Unit 42, speaks with MDR Senior Manager Oded Awaskar, about how AI might change the world of security operations and threat-hunting. A wee lil trick for bypassing Chat GPT guardrails.

Ep 1994 | 1.31.24

VPN compromise causes concerns.

Global Affairs Canada investigates a major data breach. New York sues Citibank over inadequate online security. Alpha ransomware launches a dedicated leak site on the dark web. A leaked database with 50 million records may or may not be real. CISA and the FBI provide guidance for SOHO routers.Patch ‘em if ya got ‘em. Krustyloader exploits Ivanti weaknesses. Unit 42 tracks a large-scale scareware campaign. Alex Stamos calls Microsoft’s security strategies “morally indefensible.” Our guests are Gianna Whitver and Maria Velasquez from the Cybersecurity Marketing Society to talk about their new podcast "Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing." And do you have what it takes to protect his majesty’s royal laptop?

Ep 1993 | 1.30.24

A Typhoon counter.

The U.S. counters a Chinese hacking campaign. Juniper issues out of band patches. Schneider Electric suffers a ransomware attack. Over a million and a half individuals are affected by an insurance consulting firm breach. AT&T finds DarkGate malware leveraging Microsoft teams. The White House is set to require AI developers to share safety test results. Resecurity finds high level credentials posted online. Zscaler says Zloader malware is back. The Georgia county prosecuting former President Trump got hit with a cyberattack. Microsoft’s Ann Johnson speaks with guest Deneen DeFiore, Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at United Airlines, about cybersecurity at 35,000 feet. And yesterday’s airborne joker is off the hook.

Ep 1992 | 1.29.24

Seeking dismissal of SEC allegations.

Solarwinds seeks dismissal of SEC allegations. Urgent calls to implement fixes for Jenkins open-source software automation tools. A New Jersey township closes schools and offices after a cyberattack. The Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium warns of a critical vulnerability in GitLab. The FBI arrests a notorious swatter. HHS releases cybersecurity performance goals. The feds remind organizations to preserve online messaging. Mercedes-Benz exposes data after an authentication token was left unsecured. A dark web drug dealer pleads guilty. Our guest is Caleb Barlow from Cyberbit, discussing hacker celebrities and why yours truly did not make the list. And threats of airport terrorism on public WiFi is no joking matter.

Ep 1991 | 1.26.24

A new purchase is cause for a call out.

Senator Wyden calls out the NSA for purchasing American’s internet records. Senators look to add IT and ICS environments to federal employee cyber competitions. The FTC asks big tech about their investments in AI. Turns out the GSA bought a bunch of Chinese security cameras. Akira ransomware claims a breach of Lush cosmetics. ESET reports on the Blackwood cyberespionage group. Wired looks at Predatory Sparrow. The U.S. stands firm on the United Nations Cybercrime Treaty. Our guest is Tony Surak, CMO & Operating Partner from DataTribe, with insights on the state of venture capital in cyber. And a Trickbot gang member will be doing some time.



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