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"The rise of 'Franken Ransomeware.'"

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Malwarebytes Newsletter
The rise of "Franken-ransomware," with Allan Liska: Lock and Code podcast
This week on Lock and Code, host David Ruiz speaks with Allan Liska about a new trend in ransomware delivery and development, and why it presents new challenges to law enforcement investigators.
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How to spot and avoid a tech support scam
Tech support scams are an ongoing nuisance. Knowing how they operate helps you to recognize them, so here are some clues to help spot them.
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Google Passkeys: How to create one and when you shouldn't
Google has gone live with Passkeys: a safer, more convenient alternative to passwords. Here’s how to create one.
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Google and Apple cooperate to address unwanted tracking
Google and Apple want to create a specification for tech that alerts users when they're being tracked by AirTags and similar devices.
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A. Special characters
B. Two-factor authentication (2FA)
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