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Tesla Whistleblower Leaks 100GB of Data, Revealing Safety Complaints

Informants have released data that includes thousands of safety complaints the company has received about its self-driving capability, as well as sensitive information regarding current and past employees.

Travel-Themed Phishing, BEC Campaigns Get Smarter as Summer Season Arrives

Phishing campaigns targeting travelers have evolved from simple, easy-to-spot fraud attempts to highly sophisticated operations.

'Volt Typhoon' Breaks Fresh Ground for China-Backed Cyber Campaigns

This is the first incident where a threat actor from the country appears to be laying the groundwork for disruptive attacks in the future, researchers say.

CosmicEnergy Malware Emerges, Capable of Electric Grid Shutdown

Russian code that could tamper with industrial machines and toggle RTUs on and off was floating around VirusTotal for years before being noticed. It raises new questions about the state of OT security.

Lazarus Group Striking Vulnerable Windows IIS Web Servers

The infamous North Korean APT group is using Log4Shell, the 3CX supply chain attack, and other known vectors to breach Microsoft Web servers.

Netflix's Password-Sharing Ban Offers Security Upsides

The streaming giant is looking to bolster flagging subscription growth and profits, but security researchers say the move offers a perfect opportunity to encourage better password hygiene and account safety.

Bank of Ghana Opens SOC to Enable Threat Intelligence Sharing

Bank of Ghana's security operations center will boost visibility into threats and enable threat intelligence sharing, it says.

'Operation Magalenha' Attacks Give a Window Into Brazil's Cybercrime Ecosystem

A campaign against customers of Portuguese banks uses a capable financial malware strain dubbed PeepingTitle, written in the Delphi programming language.


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