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"New Cactus ransomware encrypts itself to evade antivirus."

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New Cactus ransomware encrypts itself to evade antivirus

  • A new ransomware operation called Cactus has been exploiting vulnerabilities in VPN appliances for initial access to networks of "large commercial entities."

  • Western Digital

Western Digital says hackers stole customer data in March cyberattack

  • Western Digital has taken its store offline and sent customers data breach notifications after confirming that hackers stole sensitive personal information in a March cyberattack.

  • CSGO Map

New CS:GO map bypasses Russia's censorship of Ukraine war news

  • Finish newspaper Helsinin Sanomat has created a custom Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) map explicitly made to bypass Russian news censorship and smuggle information about the war in Ukraine to Russian players.

  • Key Decryptor Unlock

Meet Akira — A new ransomware operation targeting the enterprise

  • The new Akira ransomware operation has slowly been building a list of victims as they breach corporate networks worldwide, encrypt files, and then demand million-dollar ransoms.

  • Twitter

Twitter says 'security incident' exposed private Circle tweets

  • Twitter disclosed that a 'security incident' caused private tweets sent to Twitter Circles to show publicly to users outside of the Circle.

  • PaperCut

New PaperCut RCE exploit created that bypasses existing detections

  • A new proof-of-concept (PoC) exploit for an actively exploited PaperCut vulnerability was released that bypasses all known detection rules.

  • Z-Library

Z-Library eBook site disrupted again by FBI domain seizures

  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) continues to disrupt the world's largest shadow eBook library, Z-Library, by seizing more domains used by the platform.

  • Lock cybersecurity

The Week in Ransomware - May 5th 2023 - Targeting the public sector

  • This week's ransomware news has been dominated by a Royal ransomware attack on the City of Dallas that took down part of the IT infrastructure.

  • Android

New Android FluHorse malware steals your passwords, 2FA codes

  • A new Android malware called 'FluHorse' has been discovered, targeting users in Eastern Asia with malicious apps that imitate legitimate versions.

  • Android

New Android updates fix kernel bug exploited in spyware attacks

  • Android security updates released this month patch a high-severity vulnerability exploited as a zero-day to install commercial spyware on compromised devices.

  • Hacker cybersecurity attack

ALPHV gang claims ransomware attack on Constellation Software

  • Canadian diversified software company Constellation Software confirmed on Thursday that some of its systems were breached by threat actors who also stole personal information and business data.

  • WordPress

WordPress custom field plugin bug exposes over 1M sites to XSS attacks

  • Security researchers warn that the 'Advanced Custom Fields' and 'Advanced Custom Fields Pro' WordPress plugins, with millions of installs, are vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks (XSS).

  • North Korea hacker

Kimsuky hackers use new recon tool to find security gaps

  • The North Korean Kimsuky hacking group has been observed employing a new version of its reconnaissance malware, now called 'ReconShark,' in a cyberespionage campaign with a global reach.

  • Malwarebytes Google

Get 50% off Malwarebytes Premium + Privacy in this limited-time deal

  • If you are concerned about the security and privacy of your online activities, this new 50% off Malwarebytes deal can bring you peace of mind.

  • Android

New Fleckpe Android malware installed 600K times on Google Play

  • A new Android subscription malware named 'Fleckpe' has been spotted on Google Play, the official Android app store, disguised as legitimate apps downloaded over 620,000 times.



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