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Top Story:  "End Big Tech's Data Collection Obsession."

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How Can Big Tech Preserve Reproductive Rights? Cool It With the Data Collection

At SXSW, the Center for Democracy & Technology’s CEO has some advice for tech platforms: ‘They need to hold back on the amount of information they're gathering.’

Catholic Group Spends Millions on Dating App Data to Out Gay Priests

After buying commercially available location and usage data from dating and hookup apps like Grindr, the Denver-based group identified gay priests and outed them to their bishops.

Mental Health Startup Shared Patient Data With Google, Facebook, Meta

Cerebral said it disclosed personal data collected from its app and online mental health self-assessment form with third-party advertisers and big tech firms like Google and Meta.

How to Avoid Scammers on Social Media

Today is Social Security's Slam the Scam Day: Learn how to recognize the most common scams and protect your personal data on Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms.

GitHub Makes Two-Factor Authentication Mandatory

GitHub is instituting the requirement to help protect the open-source software supply chain from malicious threats. But the rollout will be gradual.

US Shuts Down 'Netwire' Malware That Posed as Legit Remote Admin Tool

Law enforcement in Croatia also arrested the suspect behind the Netwire malware.

Data Breach at DC Health Insurance Exchange Ensnares US Lawmakers

The hacker claims the stolen database contains personal information on 170,000 people, including their Social Security numbers and dates of birth.

Warning: Don't Let Google Manage Your Passwords

Experts tell us that relying on Google Chrome (or any browser) to manage your passwords is a seriously bad idea. Here's why.

The Best VPN Services for 2023

Using a VPN, or virtual private network, is one of the best ways to protect your online privacy. We've tested and reviewed scores of them, and these are our top picks.

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