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"U.S. infiltrates Hive Ransomware Gang:  'We hacked the hackers.'"

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SecurityWeek News Briefing | Thursday, January 26, 2023

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The New CISO Leadership Mandate

It's now common for CISOs to regularly engage in C-level business discussions. CISOs must learn to speak the language of strategy, opportunity, transformation, and business risk to be effective. Join our CISO panel as they discuss the new CISO leadership mandate.

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Identity and Security Trends & Predictions: 2023 and Beyond
Landon Winkelvoss

Mapping Threat Intelligence to the NIST Compliance Framework Part 2

How threat intelligence is critical when justifying budget for GRC personnel, and for threat intelligence, incident response, security operations and CISO buyers. (Landon Winkelvoss)

Torsten George

Password Dependency: How to Break the Cycle

Hackers rarely hack in anymore. They log in using stolen, weak, default, or otherwise compromised credentials. That’s why it’s so critical to break the password dependency cycle. But how can this be done? (Torsten George)

Galina-Antova-Claroty image

Why CISOs Make Great Board Members

Cybersecurity-related risk is a top concern, so boards need to know they have the proper oversight in place. Even as first-timers, successful CISOs make for successful board members. (Galina Antova)

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Identity and Security Trends & Predictions

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