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"How Serbia's Cyber War outreach taught legions of schoolchildren the art of hacking."

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Daily update · January 15, 2023


Observer Research Foundation

Introduction When Russian forces illegally crossed Ukraine’s sovereign borders in February 2022, the world anxiously anticipated a cyber war would unfold. “When countries send code into battle, their weapons move at the speed of light,” is how Microsoft …

ABC News

World leaders were not prepared for the rise in cyberwarfare in the '90s and today they still need to stay vigilant, according to an author who has been tracking online threats. Matt Potter, author of "We Are All Targets," spoke with ABC News …

Literary Hub

Through the hot summer of 1998, electricity hung in the air. It felt as if the power of the electrical zeroes and ones pulsing through schools, homes, intelligence, militaries, and universities was generating the dry storm clouds that swept in over the …


In order to open this email, you had to go through a few steps. If you’re on your smartphone, you either entered your passcode, or your phone recognized your face. From there, you tapped on your email application, which required no identity validation, …

Modern Diplomacy

Many peculiarities are coming out of this strange war as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine enters its eleventh month. The reason why a strong cyber warfare power like Russia has launched so few and hence ineffective cyber-attacks against Ukraine and its allies …

The Diplomat

AdvertisementThe Soviet Union began conceptualizing “Dead Hand,” an automated system for guaranteed retaliation, formally called Perimeter, back in 1979. Perimeter is a classic example of a human-on-the-loop system, where a human operator can intervene to …

The Print

New Delhi: In recent years, there has been an explosion in the adoption of advanced technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart products in India. While they seemingly make everyday life easier – they are fraught with risks, especially risks …

New Age Bangladesh

China offers a threatening alternative model of development that is non-capitalist, non-Western, and non-colonial. As such, it undermines the West’s neocolonial domination of the Third World and its debt-trap-based forced underdevelopment of subverience …

Fox News

Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin has the latest on cybersecurity threats on 'Special Report.' Rogue nations including China, Russia, Iran and North Korea continue to close the cyber capabilities gap on the U.S., utilizing a …

World Socialist Web Site

A recent report by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) revealed that Australia is continuing and expanding a lucrative trade in arms exports to regimes associated with war crimes and human rights abuses, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab …


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