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Apple warns of macOS Kernal Zero-Day exploitation.

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Russ Roberts ( and -- machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, and information security).

SecurityWeek Briefing | Monday, September 12, 2022 [Beta]

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SecurityWeek CISO Forum Keynote Session | September 13th - Register

Adam Ely - CISO at Fidelity

Fireside Chat With Fidelity Investments CISO Adam Ely - September 13th

Join us virtually on September 13th at 11AM ET at SecurityWeek's 2022 CISO Forum for an engaging fireside chat with Adam Ely, CISO at Fidelity Investments.

SecurityWeek's editor-at-large Ryan Naraine will host a discussion with Adam on the role of the modern CISO, the challenges of building a mature risk management program, communications challenges in large organizations, mentorship and staff retention, and much more.

Marc Solomon

Cybersecurity - the More Things Change, the More They Are The Same

Even though things have changed—from SOAR to XDR to CSMA—they have also stayed the same. These new categories are not solutions but really architectures. - Read the Column by Marc Solomon

Landon Winkelvoss

The Advantages of Threat Intelligence for Combating Fraud

Organizations need to be able to go outside the firewall to gather as much threat actor information as possible to build robust internal defenses against fraud. - Read the Column by Landon Winkelvoss

Jeff Orloff

How to Improve Mean Time to Detect for Ransomware

Nothing can ever prepare an organization for every ransomware scenario. However, if you train for multiple situations, your team will be able to make decisions more quickly, and react appropriately when an unforeseen incident occurs. - Read the Column by Jeff Orloff

ICS/OT Security Conference

Applied ICS Security Training Lab

2022 ICS Cybersecurity Conference - October 24th - Atlanta

This full-day lab course gives participants hands-on experience attacking and hardening a simulated power plant network to learn about common ICS vulnerabilities and defenses. Participants will attack historians, HMIs, and PLCs to cause a power outage in the 3D simulation, and then implement defenses like firewalls and network monitoring to harden it.

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CISO Converstations

CISO Conversations: U.S. Marine Corps, SAIC Security Leaders on Organizational Differences

In this installment of SecurityWeek’s CISO Conversations series, we talk to two CISOs with a military theme: Renata Spinks, CISO at the United States Marine Corps, and Kevin Brown, CISO at SAIC.

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