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ICYMI: Neopets & the Gaming Problem; SolarWinds Hackers Are Back; Google Ads Abused

Dark Reading's weekly roundup of all the OTHER important stories of the week.

Critical Bugs Threaten to Crack Atlassian Confluence Workspaces Wide Open

A hardcoded password associated with the Questions for Confluence app has been publicly released, which will likely lead to exploit attempts that give cyberattackers access to all Confluence content.

Google Chrome Zero-Day Weaponized to Spy on Journalists

Candiru attackers breached a news agency employee website to target journalists with DevilsTongue spyware, researchers say.

Snowballing Ransomware Variants Highlight Growing Threat to VMware ESXi Environments

Luna, Black Basta add to rapidly growing list of malware tools targeted at virtual machines deployed on VMware's bare-metal hypervisor technology.

Phishing Bonanza: Social-Engineering Savvy Skyrockets as Malicious Actors Cash In

The ever-evolving threat from phishing is growing more sophisticated as attackers design high-pressure situations and leverage ever-more-convincing social engineering tactics to increase their success rates.

Mysterious, Cloud-Enabled macOS Spyware Blows Onto the Scene

The CloudMensis spyware, which can lift reams of sensitive information from Apple machines, is the first Mac malware observed to exclusively rely on cloud storage for C2 activities.

Google Becomes First Cloud Operator to Join Healthcare ISAC

Google Cloud pledges experts and other resources to Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center, a community of healthcare infrastructure operators and owners.

The Market Is Teeming: Bargains on Dark Web Give Novice Cybercriminals a Quick Start

A study of the unregulated dark markets shows that the vast majority of malware, exploits, and attacker tools sell for less than $10, giving would-be criminals a fast entry point.


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