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Cybersecurity M & A deals surge in first half of June 2022.

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Friday, June 17, 2022

GigaOm Analyst Webcast

June 22: GigaOm Analyst Webcast on Attack Surface Management

Learn about the ASM market, what to expect from an ASM solution, & how to evaluate the right one for your organization.


Hybrid Networks Require an Integrated On-prem and Cloud Security Strategy
Digital acceleration, user demand, and shifting business strategies add new edges to the network, making it increasingly difficult to manage and even harder to secure.
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 by John Maddison

Using the Defense Readiness Index to Improve Security Team Skills
The Defense Readiness Index is a reliable alternative for assessing a security team’s skill level, developing a roadmap for improving cyber competencies, and reaching the optimal level of cyber security readiness.
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 by Jeff Orloff

Lessons for Better Fraud Decision-Making
We can learn a valuable lesson about better fraud decision-making from restaurant choosing scenarios.
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 by Joshua Goldfarb

Malware's Destruction Trajectory and How to Defeat It
Malware and targeted attacks on operating systems and firmware have become increasingly destructive in nature, and these more nefarious attack methods are rising in prevalence.
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 by Derek Manky

Facilitating Convergence of Physical Security and Cyber Security With Open Source Intelligence
Fusion centers are able to converge cyber and physical security, close gaps in coverage, and scale security to protect facilities and hundreds of thousands of employees.
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 by Landon Winkelvoss

GigaOm Analyst Webcast

June 22: GigaOm Analyst Webcast on Attack Surface Management

Learn about the ASM market, what to expect from an ASM solution, & how to evaluate the right one for your organization.


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Cybersecurity M&A Deals Surge in First Half of June 2022: Nearly 30 cybersecurity M&A deals were announced in the first half of June 2022, the highest number since SecurityWeek has been tracking M&A activity. Read More

Staffing Firm Robert Half Says Hackers Targeted Over 1,000 Customer Accounts: HR consulting firm Robert Half says hackers have targeted more than 1,000 customer accounts that stored social security numbers and other personal information. Read More

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Law Enforcement Dismantle Infrastructure of Russian 'RSOCKS' Botnet: Systems ensnared by RSOCKS were being abused to proxy internet traffic for the botnet operators’ customers. Read More

Details of Twice-Patched Windows RDP Vulnerability Disclosed: CyberArk shares details on a Windows Remote Desktop Services vulnerability that Microsoft had to patch twice. Read More

Exploited Vulnerability Patched in WordPress Plugin With Over 1 Million Installations: A critical vulnerability in the Ninja Forms plugin can be exploited to execute arbitrary code without authentication. Read More

Costa Rica Chaos a Warning That Ransomware Threat Remains: Experts believe developing countries will remain ripe targets for ransomware attacks, as they have invested in digitizing their economy and systems but don't have as sophisticated defenses as wealthier nations. Read More

'MaliBot' Android Malware Steals Financial, Personal Information: Disguised as a cryptocurrency miner, Malibot focuses on stealing financial information, cryptocurrency wallets, and personally identifiable information (PII). Read More

Volexity Blames 'DriftingCloud' APT For Sophos Firewall Zero-Day: Big-game malware hunters at Volexity call attention to a sophisticated Chinese APT caught recently exploiting a Sophos firewall zero-day to plant backdoors and launch man-in-the-middle attacks. Read More

Microsoft Dismisses False Reports About End of Patch Tuesday: Microsoft has dismissed reports about June 14 being the last Patch Tuesday, clarifying that the rollout of the Windows Autopatch service seems to be causing some confusion. Read More

Cisco Patches Critical Vulnerability in Email Security Appliance: Impacting both Email Security Appliance (ESA) and Secure Email and Web Manager, the bug could allow a remote attacker to bypass authentication and log in to the web interface of a vulnerable device. Read More

2,000 People Arrested Worldwide for Social Engineering Schemes: 2,000 people have been arrested and a significant amount of criminal assets have been seized in an international law enforcement operation targeting social engineering schemes. Read More

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