Physical Security Teams' input is far-reaching.

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Physical Security Teams' Impact Is Far-Reaching
Here's how physical security teams can integrate with the business to identify better solutions to security problems.


New Chaos Malware Variant Ditches Wiper for Encryption
The Chaos ransomware-builder was known for creating destructor malware that overwrote files and made them unrecoverable -- but the new Yashma version finally generates binaries that can encrypt files of all sizes.
ChromeLoader Malware Hijacks Browsers With ISO Files
The malware’s abuse of PowerShell makes it more dangerous, allowing for more advanced attacks such as ransomware, fileless malware, and malicious code memory injections.
Taking the Danger Out of IT/OT Convergence
The Colonial Pipeline attack highlighted the risks of convergence. Unified security provides a safer way to proceed.


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