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A company’s lifecycle stage, size, and state have a significant impact on its security needs, policies, and priorities. This is particularly true for modern mid-market companies that are either experiencing or have experienced rapid growth. As requirements and tasks continue to accumulate and malicious actors remain active around the clock, budgets are often stagnant at best. Yet, it is crucial
Researcher HaxRob discovered a previously undetected Linux backdoor named GTPDOOR, designed to target telecom carrier networks. Security researcher HaxRob discovered a previously undetected Linux backdoor dubbed GTPDOOR, which is specifically crafted to carry out stealth cyber operations within mobile carrier networks. I recently found two very interesting Linux binaries uploaded to Virustotal. I


The 20 winners of the Most Inspiring Women in Cyber Awards were announced at a ceremony held at the prestigious BT Tower in London on the 27th February 2024. The awards celebrated the achievements of women working in cybersecurity around the globe – whether recognising personal achievements, efforts to close the gender divide in the industry or those mentoring the next generation of women in cybe


As many as 100 malicious artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) models have been discovered in the Hugging Face platform. These include instances where loading a pickle file leads to code execution, software supply chain security firm JFrog said. "The model's payload grants the attacker a shell on the compromised machine, enabling them to gain full control over victims'
When you can't lock 'em up, lock 'em out Opinion The best cop shows excel at mind games: who's tricking whom, who really wins, and what price they pay. A twist of humor adds to the drama and keeps us hooked. It's rare enough in real life, far less so in the grim meat grinder of cybersecurity, yet sometimes it happens. It's happening right now.…
Threat actors stole sensitive and confidential data from the telecom giant Chunghwa Telecom Company, revealed the Ministry of National Defense. Chunghwa Telecom Company , Ltd. (literally Chinese Telecom Company) is the largest integrated telecom service provider in Taiwan, and the incumbent local exchange carrier of PSTN, Mobile, and broadband services in the country. Threat actors stole sensitiv
A new Linux variant of the remote access trojan (RAT) BIFROSE (aka Bifrost) uses a deceptive domain mimicking VMware. Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 researchers discovered a new Linux variant of Bifrost (aka Bifrose) RAT that uses a deceptive domain (download.vmfare[.]com) that mimics the legitimate VMware domain. The Bifrost RAT has been active since 2004, it allows its operators to gather sensitive
U.S. cybersecurity and intelligence agencies have warned of Phobos ransomware attacks targeting government and critical infrastructure entities, outlining the various tactics and techniques the threat actors have adopted to deploy the file-encrypting malware. “Structured as a ransomware as a service (RaaS) model, Phobos ransomware actors have targeted entities including municipal and
Camera doorbells manufactured by the Chinese company Eken Group Ltd under the brands EKEN and Tuck are affected by major vulnerabilities. Researchers from Consumer Reports (CR) discovered severe vulnerabilities in doorbell cameras manufactured by the Chinese company Eken Group Ltd. The company produces video doorbells under the brand names EKEN and Tuck, its products are by major retailers, inclu


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