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Google patches Ninth Chrome Zero-Day of 2022.

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SecurityWeek News Briefing | Monday, December 5, 2022

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Derek Manky

Wipers Are Widening: Here's Why That Matters - While the number of detections has been lower so far than other types of cyberattacks, the very nature of wipers and how they’re used makes them very dangerous. Read the Column by Derek Manky

Joshua Goldfarb

Don't Let Your Career Go the Way of Entertainment 720 - I believe that as security and fraud professionals, we can learn an important career lesson from fictional company Entertainment 720. Read the Column by Joshua Goldfarb

Take control of your cyber insurance coverage

If you missed it...

Deepfakes - Significant or Hyped Threat?

If high quality realtime deepfakes are close, the question then becomes one of defense – how can business detect and defend against such deepfakes?

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