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PCMag SecurityWatch
5 Surprisingly Fun Cybersecurity Games
It's 2022, and we all use the internet for everything. Teaching people, from heads of industry to heads of households, how to browse and interact safely online could save us all a lot of money. A 2019 report from RiskIQ suggests cybercrime costs organizations $2.9 million every minute, and major businesses pay $25 per minute as a result of data breaches. Now, more than ever, cybersecurity training of all kinds is necessary at home and in the office.

The Advanced Computing Systems Association (USENIX) conducted a study to observe employees who received security training for identifying phishing attacks. The employees were asked to identify phishing emails at different intervals four to 12 months after the training. Researchers found that employees could still spot phishing emails four months after the initial training. After six months, however, the employees started to forget what they had learned, suggesting that people need continuous training to spot online threats such as phishing.

Cybersecurity Games to Play Online

Online training is readily available, but sometimes expensive and often boring. Engaging games used to teach cybersecurity may be a better way to keep your skills fresh. Organizations ranging from businesses to the US government have gamified the learning process to make training more engaging for people of all ages. I spent time playing several cybersecurity games, and some were surprisingly interesting and well done. These five online games contain lessons about online security:

A game created by the US Department of Defense, Cyber Challenge invites you to help solve cyber threats and identify the roles that make up the military's cyber warfare team

PBS created this browser-based action game to help people identify and overcome cybersecurity challenges. Crack passwords, create code and defeat malicious hackers by playing through the game's various scenarios.

Keep Tradition Secure is one of a series of games from Texas A&M Information Technology created to promote National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Answer a series of cybersecurity questions as you navigate the college campus and track down a notorious hacker.

picoCTF is a game from security and privacy experts at Carnegie Mellon University. Players must reverse engineer, break, hack, decrypt, and use critical thinking skills to solve challenges and capture the flags.

A game from 1Password, the password management software company, and Gen.G, an esports organization. The pair teamed up to teach better password creation and management practices with a browser-based puzzle game.

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What Else Is Happening in the Security World This Week?

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Microsoft Details Severe Vulnerabilities in Pre-Installed Android Apps. The problems lay with a popular framework offered by MCE Systems.

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This Facial Recognition Site Is Creeping Everyone Out. PimEyes might need a blindfold.

Ransomware Causes Airline to Ground Flights, Leaving Customers Stranded. India-based SpiceJet delays and cancels flights after a ransomware attack hit its IT systems.

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Which Messaging Apps Are the Most Secure?
Chat services changed how we socialize, collaborate, and organize. However, not all chat services make security their top priority. A secure messenger service should keep your online conversations private from advertisers and governments. The best services do this with a process called end-to-end encryption (E2EE), where the messages are encrypted in such a way that only the proper recipients—not the messaging company and not anyone spying on your activity—can see message contents.

PCMag senior security analyst Max Eddy reviewed three secure messaging services: Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp. He rated each for features such as security, privacy, ease of use, social features, and video and voice chat.

If message security and overall privacy are your biggest concerns, Eddy says Editors’ Choice pick Signal is your best option. The service’s encryption system is designed so that not even Signal can read your messages, and it uses well-accepted technology to do it. The biggest drawback for Signal is that it's just not as popular or as fun as its competitors.

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