Iranian hackers exposed in a highly targeted espionage campaign.

Views expressed in this cybersecurity-cyber espionage update are those of the reporters and correspondents.

Accessed on 13 May 2022, 1324 UTC.

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NVIDIA has open-sourced its Linux GPU kernel drivers
NVIDIA has published the source code of its kernel modules for the R515 driver, using a dual licensing model that combines the GPL and MIT licenses, making the modules legally re-distributable. [...]
UK cybersecurity center sent 33 million alerts to companies
The NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) in the UK reports having served 33 million alerts to organizations signed up for its "Early Warning" service. Additionally, the government agency has dealt with a record number of online scams in 2021, removing more than 2.7 million from the internet. [...]


Ukrainian imprisoned for selling access to thousands of PCs
Glib Oleksandr Ivanov-Tolpintsev, a 28-year-old from Ukraine, was sentenced today to 4 years in prison for stealing thousands of login credentials per week and selling them on a dark web marketplace. [...]
Zyxel silently fixes critical RCE vulnerability in firewall products
Threat analysts who discovered a vulnerability affecting multiple Zyxel products report that the network equipment company fixed it via a silent update pushed out two weeks ago. [...]

MAY 11

Microsoft: Windows 10 20H2 has reached end of service
Microsoft says multiple editions of Windows 10 20H2 and Windows 10 1909 have reached their end of service (EOS) on this month's Patch Tuesday, on May 10, 2022. [...]
New stealthy Nerbian RAT malware spotted in ongoing attacks
A new remote access trojan called Nerbian RAT has been discovered that includes a rich set of features, including the ability to evade detection and analysis by researchers. [...]
Our Medical Devices' Open Source Problem – What Are the Risks?
There is no doubt that open source powers our development processes, enabling software developers to build high quality, innovative products faster than ever before. But OSS also comes with its own set of risks that device manufacturers must address while leveraging its many advantages. [...]
Microsoft fixes Windows Direct3D issue behind app crashes
Microsoft has addressed a known issue causing apps using Direct3D 9 to experience issues after installing April 2022 cumulative updates, including crashes and errors on systems using certain GPUs. [...]


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